The Ministry


Stress is the body's natural reaction to tension, pressure and change.

In the Word of God we rest, relax, and release tension, pressure and the emotions when changes.

In the Word of God we rest, relax, and release  tensions and pressures from the changes in life.


 Good nutrition and being aware of what and how we eat, eliminates stress.  Dedicated movement strengthens and encourages us to enjoy being active. 

Who we are and our mission

Rev. Peggy A. Miller

I was called to the ministry of Jesus Christ years ago and want to share with everyone the wonderful power of the Word of God, healthy eating and movement to relieve  stress, tension and the pressures to  changes of everyday life.  

King David, at a time of immense stress, expressed comfort in Psalm 23 that all of his needs are met by God.  Psalm 23 is a powerful resource for stress relief today.

This ministry is a three-fold plan to  learn to live with and use stress to your advantage through Scripture, healthy eating, and dedicated movement.

What we can do together

Through the Word of God  we  appreciate the strength and love we are given to put stress to good use. 

Feeding the body real food leads to healthy, pain free, full of energy living and mercifully removes "brain fog."  Poor eating leads to inflammation causing pain, obesity and yes, stress.  

Dedicated physical movement strengthens and reduces stress and offers excitement in active living.